Wixoss: White Hope - Diva Debut Deck D08: White Hope (WX-D08) (Pre-Order)

Wixoss: White Hope - Diva Debut Deck D08: White Hope (WX-D08) (Pre-Order)

Wixoss: White Hope - Diva Debut Deck D08: White Hope (WX-D08) (Pre-Order)

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The Diva Debut Deck White Hope is based on the characters Tama, Hanayo, and Midoriko.  This “Angel/Armed” deck will feature 12 new cards among its 23 different card types, as well as two reprinted cards with alternate artwork and a foil version of Arcgwyn, Blessed Angel Queen.  This deck has a total of 52 cards, game rules, and a playmat sheet.

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