Kai Budde Bio [World Championship Decks 1999]

Kai Budde Bio [World Championship Decks 1999]

Kai Budde Bio [World Championship Decks 1999]

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Set: World Championship Decks 1999
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Known as the "King of the Grand Prix," Kai Budde earned an unprecedented three Grand Prix titles in 1999. Though he went only 4—2 during the Swiss portion of the World Championships, he cruised through the Final 8 to become the 1999 World Champion. The 19-year-old Köln, Germany native played a red-artifact deck that contained more than 30 artifacts. He used those artifacts to quickly generate huge amounts of mana, with which he could play a big creature like Masticore or Covetous Dragon. He would then finish off his opponent with a well-timed Wildfire.

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